Guilherme Almeida

Software Engineer

Blog and portfolio with some projects about software development.


I'm a Software Engineer focusing on Web Development, graduated with a Bachelor's of Computer Science with 4+ years of experience in software development. I worked on several projects, primarily in web development and mainly using Javascript, nodeJS, and Python. Responsible for creating very understandable and functional code.

I'm passionate about learning new technologies and challenging jobs, sharing knowledge, and teamwork.

Outside of work, I have a passion for skateboarding, and also I like cooking vegetarian recipes and spending time with my wife and dogs.

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Dockerizing an Application

Dockerizing an Application

In this post, I provide a brief introduction to Docker, and some concepts such as images, containers, and volumes. And finally, some main steps to upload an application in a container.

My Cheat Sheet of VueJS 2

My Cheat Sheet of VueJS 2

This post summarizes some of my studies on the VueJS 2 framework, where I had the idea of creating this cheat sheet to help me with future questions. I believe it will also help beginners in this framework to accelerate their learning curve and more experienced ones to remember some concepts.